I played golf in a company competion on Saturday with a couple of Helpdesk people (Paul and Roger)and another person (Cathy) who was drafted in at the last minute (we needed at least one woman and the few woman who were willing to play that we knew about were already in other teams, and Keryn refused to play).

Anyway, we had fun and cam elast, ending up 19 over par. It was a ‘Texas’ golf challenge which meant we all played from the tee and then selected the best of the four shots. From this point we then all played our next shot, and so on, until the ball was sunk. This was only the third time I’ve ever played a round of golf (the first was in Sixth Form I believe, the second a couple of weeks ago with Gary at the Brentwood public course) and I think I did OK for being a rank amateur. The others were hardly experts either, so 19 over par wasn’t bad at all. So, here’s a couple of photos, just to prove it.

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That's me teeing off on the first hole.
That’s me teeing off on the first hole

It was a very prety course with a few too many hills for my liking.
It was a very prety course with a few too many hills for my liking

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6 thoughts on “Golf

  1. Just testing now, seems that unless you are me, you won’t be able to put your name against this blog. I’ll have to look into friends lists and all that sort of thing.

  2. Well aren’t YOU just a big walking nike ad!!!!!!!

    hmm I wonder why now I have the option for anonymous and didn’tbefore.

    Anyway hello 🙂

  3. Im sure your lungs and waistline would benefit from the exercise, just so long as you didnt undo it all at the 19th!! Dad

  4. Are you facing the right way or is that how they play golf on that side of the world? Next time drag that wife of yours out to point you in the right direction. LOL H. 🙂

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