The last weekday off shift

I start a new role at work today (don’t worry, this was written a few days ago, I am working) and am no longer working shifts, moving back to the good old 9-5 working week. Before I was part of the shift team performing a support role for a number of contracts held by HP. […]

A brief interruption (updated)

The website wasn’t working earlier today because somehow a virus had got onto the hosting server and had added malicious code to all files called ‘index.php’ (or at least that what looks like happened to me). Thankfully I was able to find updated copies of all the infected files and replace them but it was […]

Leaving drinks

Last night we had drinks to mark the leaving of our jobs. We had been recommended a bar in Farringdon called The Fence and it was a very good night, thankfully the weather was nice so we spent a lot of time outside. Lots of photos in the gallery, here are a couple. With Roger […]


I played golf in a company competion on Saturday with a couple of Helpdesk people (Paul and Roger)and another person (Cathy) who was drafted in at the last minute (we needed at least one woman and the few woman who were willing to play that we knew about were already in other teams, and Keryn […]

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