Istanbul to Cairo Gallery II

The second (and last) set of photos from our middle east journey are now up on the website, enjoy the trip (the link is over there >>>). At some point next year I’ll put them all together with decent descriptions but for now you’ll just have to guess as to where the shots were taken […]

Jem @ Cargo

The continuing search for entertainment in London took us to an east London club called Cargo last night. We were there to see a new British artist called Jem perform her first UK concert since signing a record contract in the USA. We arrived early and had dinner at the attached restaurant (which was nice […]

A weekend is a long time

The past weekend was very busy for us, and a busy last few weeks. We’re now settled in and just have a few boxes around the place that are needing to have their contents given a home. We had Roz (Australian we met on the Kumuka trip) stay with us for a few days almost […]

Billy at the Hammersmith Apollo

Last night we travelled across London with Jim and Gee and enjoyed ourselves watching Billy Connolly walk around on stage. He talked about many things from politicians to newspaper hacks to Dunedin and Kaikoura. Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves, I’m fairly sure I could listen to Billy all day. A smile preceeds a laugh. […]

Sarah comes back

Sarah at the Royal Albert Hall last night One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

Istanbul to Cairo – Gallery I

As promised here is the first batch of photos from our recent trip. The gallery is still a little rough, some of the descriptions are wrong and it needs a bit of fleshing out but it’s a start. Enjoy by clicking here.

Back home

Being back in the UK has been a bit of a shock to the system. It’s getting cold and dark (12-14 degrees) and it was rainy to boot yesterday. I’m working on photos every day and should have something up this weekend for our trip – I want to get it done before the memories […]

Relaxing at the Red Sea

Today is a free day to relax at Dahab on the shore of the Red Sea in Egypt. I’ve been writing a few things, sorting out money and doing a bit of shopping while Keryn has done a refresher dive this morning and has just set off to do a dive with Tracey off an […]

We are ok

We both fine, nothing to worry about. It was a funny visit.

Wadi Musa

Just quickly we’re in Wadi Musa ready to visit Petra tomorrow. We visited the Dead Sea this morning and a Jordanian Hospital yesterday. More on that story later.


The day so far has been spent wandering the old city of Damascus. We’ve visited the Umayyad Mosque and walked the Hamideyeh Souk (market) as well as some general walking around the streets. We’re off to a hotel to relax by a pool later this afternoon, it gets really hot here. Yesterday was a long […]

Crossing over to Syria

Today we crossed over from Turkey into Syria and I am writing this in an Internet cafe in the city of Aleppo. We’ve just had dinner (which was filling and tasted great and cost about 2000 Syrian pounds for 9 people, that’s around $40 US including drinks, fantastic). Tomorrow morning there is a walking tour […]

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