My brother has complained than Venice seems to be without colour. Hopefully the following will dispel such rumour. Detail from the end of a Gondola Lamps outside a resturant Another one of the masks found for sale all over Venice The Bridge of Sighs Click here for more information on the Bridge of Sighs. The […]


The guestbook is working again. I’m sure you wanted to know. The boxes are gone and we’re all settled in the new place now, it feels mostly like home. It’s nice to be in a smaller town again, it just feels better I guess.

Easter in Venice

Our Easter in Venice was very relaxing, for once we took a holiday and didn’t spend most of it rushing around. We only had vague plans of what we were doing each day and enjoyed ourselves wandering the streets of Venice and visiting the outer islands such as Murano where the fabled Venitian glass is […]

Moving to Brentwood

As I said, all is now well… other than the guestbook not working anyway. We’ve now moved into our new place in Brentwood and are in the middle of unpacking the many boxes that are stacked around the place. Last night we went back to Friern Barnet and cleaned everything so all is now sparkling […]


You may notice a few changes and a few things out of place. Don’t worry, all will be well soon.

Shall we go?

I’ve just noticed that Sarah McLachlan is playing in Stockholm in November: Nov 04/Thu, Stockholm, Sweden, Sodra Teatern. Maybe I’ll convince Keryn that we need to go visit Patricia and Sam around that time… so many travel opportunities, so little time (and money).

Sarah in NZ

Sarah McLachlan is visiting Australia and NZ as part of her tour later in the year, dates as follows: Sarah Mclachlan in NZ and Australia Sat 22 May Brisbane Sun 23 May Sydney Thu 27 May Melbourne Sun 30 May Perth Wed Jun 2th Adelaide Fri Jun 4th Christchurch NZ Mon Jun 7th Auckland NZ […]

Sarah McLachlan

I went and saw Sarah McLachlan (or Sarah McClaclin as the presenter insisted on calling her) yesterday evening. Took a few photos, some of which can be found here: …Sarah McLachlan…. It was a good show, five songs followed by a signing. I am now very much looking forward to her concerts in London during […]

Jethro Tull in Brighton

Hello again. We’ve begun to look more seriously at rental property given that we need to move in 6 weeks or so. On Sunday we went out to Brentwood and visited a number of estate agents – looks like there’s plenty of property, it’s just a pain getting out there to look at it when […]

Thea Gilmore at the Bush Hall

Yes we’re still here, yes we’re slack, one day we’ll be more up-to-date and regular. But not today. Last night we went to a concert, Thea Gilmore at the Bush Hall, Shepherd’s Bush, London. It was a great concert in a tiny venue, and the hall itself was probably only half filled. It was also […]

The Tate Weather Project

Not a lot to report right now. We’re looking at moving soon as our lease is up for Ribblesdale Avenue, and we’ve been investigating mortgages rather than renting. At the moment we’re still trying to decide on an area to live and we’ll be off to a few places this coming weekend to see what […]

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