Somewhere in Turkey

We’re currently in an Internet cafe in the town of Kas on the south coast of Turkey. We’re enjoying ourselves and have a good bunch of people to be travelling with. We’ve seen the sights of Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy and Ephesus so far and tomorrow get to relax on a boat cruising the Med in […]

We’ll be coming around the mountain

We’ll see you in three weeks, it’s off to Istanbul tomorrow for the start of a three week overland trip from the Turkish capital all the way down to Cairo in Egypt. Along the way we’ll be seeing the sights of Turkey, Syria and Jordan. If we find an Internet cafe along the way we’ll […]

Stockholm via Heathrow and Montreal

Patricia and Sam spent a few hours at Heathrow on Sunday morning and we did our best to meet them. Our best nearly wasn’t enough as train times meant we would be arriving an hour after their plane touched down. This was compounded by train delays for us and the plane arriving thirty minutes early. […]

Rosie at the Borderline

Rosie Thomas is a person that you can describe a thousand times and still never fully explain. The first time we saw her was as the support act for Jewel back in 2002. She was fantastic that night and I got to meet her and say hi while she signed her album for me. We […]

Brighton West Pier

We visited Karyn and Brian down in Hove last weekend. On the Monday we went for a walk along the beach from Hove to Brighton and I shot a roll of black and white film, taking shots that I thought illustrated what the beach down here at the south coast is like. This shot of […]

A wet month

The last month has been very wet pretty much country wide. We had flooding outside our house again though only a very small amount got inside this time. The landlord’s father visited to clear out some of the water in front of the house and told us that a week or so ago he was […]

Out Wiltshire way

The weekend past we went out Wiltshire way to visit Stonehenge in the early hours of Sunday morning. We visited many other places as well but for now I’ll just so some of our Stonehenge photos. Stonehenge shortly after 6am Getting in closer Time for the filters The following was taken in the town of […]

Finns again

Below are photos from the in-store appearance of the Finn Brothers at Virgin Megastore last night. A fantastic little gig they played eight or nine songs mixing new stuff with Crowded House, Split Enz and even a Finn album number. The boys grin for the gaggle of photographers Thankfully the photographers left after a couple […]

The Finn Brothers

On Sunday we had booked tickets for a Finn Brothers concert. This was a special fan-club only concert that I had found out about. I dully joined the club and was then able to purchase tickets. The concert was held at the Regents Park open air theatre which is normally a venue for outdoor Shakespeare […]

Summer Storm

Lightning over London Yesterday the UK was hit by some rather heavy storms and they came across west London in the afternoon. These shots have been taken from a couple of video’s a shot with the digital camera from the 15th floor at work, I just rested the camera on a window sill and then […]

The last weekend of summer?

Our trip last weekend was taken in the company of Paul and Jen. Paul works on the HelpDesk with me. We had picked up a hire car on Friday night and set off early on Saturday to go and pick Paul and Jen up from their flat in Notting Hill. After picking up our companions […]

Gallivanting to Eagle Heights

On the weekend we hired a car and went to Old Sarum Castle on the Saturday for a Jousting Tournament. I’ll right more about that once I get the photos back. On the Sunday we went out to Kent and visited the Eagle Heights Bird of Prey Centre. There’ll be more photos but this is […]

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