The Tate Weather Project

Not a lot to report right now. We’re looking at moving soon as our lease is up for Ribblesdale Avenue, and we’ve been investigating mortgages rather than renting. At the moment we’re still trying to decide on an area to live and we’ll be off to a few places this coming weekend to see what they’re like. Our criteria is good transport links to the City of London area and outside the M25 ring road.

In between visiting train stations last weekend to pick up the various train timetables we stopped off at the Tate Modern Museum, specifically to look at ‘The Weather Project‘. Below is a photo I took while there.

The Weather Project Installation at the Tate Modern Museum, London
The Weather Project Installation at the Tate Modern Museum

Lastly, we’ve booked flights and accommodation for Venice over Easter, so that should be nice. We’re also going to Glasgow for a weekend in February to get our wedding album sorted out at the John Hendry studio.

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