Flat Hunting

It has been a wee while since our last email. Our excuse is that nothing much had happened, and then when stuff did start happening we didn’t have an Internet connection (and we didn’t want to go to an Internet Café).

Flat hunting turned out to be a small nightmare, we kept on missing out on places. The first place we expressed an interest, asked the guy when they were making a decision on tenants (which was on the Monday), we had decided on Sunday to take the place but waited till Monday to tell them, but when we rung they had taken a deposit from someone else on Sunday. The second place we missed out on we actually got a deposit down, but the day after the landlord informed the agent that their son unexpectedly has rung from France and is coming back to London. The third place we actually had on the go for two weeks, the agent stuffed us around so much, due to us not having a credit history in the country, and so they could not process us in their normal manner. I think the landlady gave up on the agent as well and had a friend move in instead. So finally after four weeks of looking we finally found a place we liked, the agent was happy to process things for us and the landlord was happy for us to move in (with no friends or family in tow). Our new place is a shop that has been converted into a flat (about a year ago); apparently it was architecturally designed (I’m not too sure on this because the place has got it’s problems, in saying that the conversion is one of the better ones that we’ve seen). The kitchen & bathroom have black marble floors, bench and walls (only parts of the walls). The shower is over the bath and is really nice with decent water pressure. The kitchen is small but very workable, containing a good-sized fridge/freezer, washing machine, fan oven, and gas hobs. The bedroom has got a double bed, a long bench with two set of draws underneath and a small desk off the side (perfect for sitting the laptop on so that you can work and gaze out the window too), there are also small shelves built into the wall. There is a small yard off the bedroom (1.5m x 5.5m). The lounge has got a small marble topped table with two chairs, and a black leather two-seater couch (which is not overly comfortable). As with most homes the place has gas central heating, the heaters are vertical rather that the typical horizontal though. The place is a bit stark at present with the white walls, wooden floors and black extras; we will need to get some bright colourful wall hangings or pictures. We moved in to our new place on 17th August and our new contact details are:

8a Pages Lane,
Muswell Hill,
N10 1PS

Home Phone: 0208 444 0917
Keryn Cell: 0790 367 6927
Brendon Cell: 0790 340 6895

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