Summer Solstice Fireworks

In our previous post we forgot to mention that we got to see a really cool fireworks display at Victoria Park celebrating the summer solstice. The fireworks were amazing and were set to music. First theme was the drums, which had fire spurts in time to the beat, second theme was the saxophone where there was Roman candle type fire works, and the third theme was a violin, which had squiggly fireworks. All in all a really cool night.

We have not done overly much; weekends were taken up with flat hunting as this was the best time to look because that is when viewings were available. I (Keryn) put job hunting on hold for a few weeks due to flat hunting, then organising moving etc and not having an Internet connection once we had moved. I tried a few weeks back to get hooked up with an agent for office work too, but they couldn’t even put me on their books until September, due to students taking all of the little work available. Next week is a fresh new start for job hunting (hassling 5-15 of the better agents every second day, applying for jobs on the net etc), I’m ever hopeful something will turn up soon. I’ve been told that the contract market picks up in September, so I’m hanging out for that.

Brendon has played his first game of soccer (oops football) in London for the LSTrillium team, we lost 5-4 but considering the LSTrillium team lost 7-1 last time to the same team I think we did all right.
Catherine, Brendon’s sister, and her partner Andrew stayed for a few days before going off on a 6+ week tour of Europe. They’ll be back after that for a few more days before moving on to Australia.
We currently don’t have a TV and Brendon is missing all the sport (All Blacks, Waikato, Liverpool and even England), we’re definitely reading a lot of books at the moment and having plenty of early nights.

Movies we have seen:
Tomb Raider: All right, no Indiana Jones though.

Rush Hour 2: Hard case action. A pity about the audience – the theatre was full and the crowd was making it as difficult (and angry) as possible for the staff (it’s assigned seating and most people weren’t in the right seats).

Cats & Dogs: A light-hearted comedy of cats trying to take over the world. A movie I thought that can wait ’til it’s on video to see.

Planet of the Apes: Managed to get free tickets to this. I enjoyed this movie, but it did have holes. The characters didn’t have the depth of good films characters.

Final Fantasy: Not a conventional plot, about the earth’s spirit and spirits in general, this didn’t bother me and I enjoyed the movie. The graphics were amazing, occasionally thinking things were real.

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