Jem @ Cargo

The continuing search for entertainment in London took us to an east London club called Cargo last night. We were there to see a new British artist called Jem perform her first UK concert since signing a record contract in the USA.

We arrived early and had dinner at the attached restaurant (which was nice even if the staff were somewhat distracted). It was then into the club where we pretty much just sat for nearly two hours in the chill out area while we waited for Jem’s appearance.

Jem mid-bongo at Cargo.
Jem mid-bongo at Cargo

Jem was on stage shortly after 9pm and played just about all the songs from her new album plus a couple of cover songs, and it was all good. The mix was a little off so Jem’s voice tended to get buried by the bass at times but otherwise she and her band performed really well.

It was interesting being in the audience as well. Jem is Welsh and her parents and siblings were in the audience as well as a few other relations and friends. At the start of the performance I was standing next to Jem’s Mum who proudly showed off her boots with Jem’s name stitched to the top. It was almost a family affair.

The performance was over and we were back on a train home around 10.30pm. I wish all concerts were that close to Liverpool St. Station, it makes getting home a lot quicker.

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