MG 2486

Been there before?

The other day there was another interesting sunset over the Pauatahanui inlet and I managed to drag myself up from the chair in the lounge to take a couple of photos.

MG 2486Photo by Brendon & Keryn

The setting sun lights up the clouds and hills over the Pauatahanui inlet

Having been out to Sinclair Head to see the fur seals I took the first suitable opportunity to go out there again, this time with Keryn along for the walk. The seals were again plentiful and also just as unexcited to see us as they had been on my previous visit.

MG 2542Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Keryn takes a rest while I take photos

Fur seal at Sinclair Head, WellingtonPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

I think this seal hadn’t moved since my last visit

Fur seal at Sinclair Head, WellingtonPhoto by Brendon & Keryn

Fresh out of the water

It was a good walk, about an hour each way. The track of rocks and sand wasn’t so good for Keryn’s back but she survived mostly in one piece. It was quite warm as well (for winter anyway) and it has been generally warmer the last few days, maybe spring is on the way?

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