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A month around Wellington

So, we’ve been in Wellington a while now and we’ve been checking out our new home region. We’ve been up to Otaki for some Icebreaker factory shop loving and along the way took a few back roads. We found a view along the Kapiti coast so took a few photos:

IMG 0722Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Looking towards Kapiti Island

Keryn’s parents flew down from Whangarei and bought two of our cats down with them. Cadbury, Earl and Penny have been up near Whangarei for 8 years and we’ve pinched back Cadbury and Earl to come live with us in Epuni. They’re taking the relocation cautiously so far, Earl having what seemed to be a few panic attacks yesterday but they’re acting better today.

IMG 0807Photo by Brendon & Keryn


IMG 0815Photo by Brendon & Keryn


My parents were also here for the weekend and on Saturday we went to Catherine’s place for a pancake lunch. Afterwards we went for a drive down past Seatoun (well not really, actually it was more like Lyall Bay, at least I didn’t call Petone Porirua this time) and I got to take some photos. On Sunday I went with Keryn and her parents for a walk and we ended up driving up the hill that leads to Wainuiomata. At the lookout we could see mountains of the South island so I convinced everyone that we needed to get a closer look and we drove again to the south coast of Wellington and I took more photos. The sea was very calm and the sunset muted but still pretty.

IMG 0844Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Pink light on distant peaks

IMG 0849Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Interesting underwater landscape

Today I suggested another late afternoon drive and this saw Keryn and I drive past Wainuiomata along the Coast Road to the beach where the Wainuiomata River meets the sea. It was windier today but the sky was almost perfectly clear and the view to the South island was unimpeded. We had a good walk along the beach, giving the leg muscles a good work out traipsing over the stones and sand.

IMG 0865Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Movement in the sea

IMG 0873Photo by Brendon & Keryn

The sun sets over the hill

IMG 0880Photo by Brendon & Keryn

The water rushes back to the sea

IMG 0884Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Looking towards the mountains near Kaikoura

On the return I also took some photos of the lights of Wellington and Petone.

IMG 0895Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Wellington and Matiu (Somes) Island

IMG 0896Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Seaview and Petone

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