Sorry, we know it’s been a while

We’re still here, honest, we just having been doing much that is blog-worthy. In the weeks since the last post we’ve had furniture delivered, have made our flat into a home and yesterday we (finally) got a phone line.

I had my 31st birthday the other day, thanks for all the emails, texts, letters, cards and phone calls. We visited Kensal Green Cemetery for a walking tour which also took in the catacombs underneath the Anglican Chapel. It was interesting but unfortunately the weather was cold and wet so we didn’t get to tour much of the above ground site. And yes, it’s a strange thing to do for a birthday but I enjoyed it.

The view from the Chapel.
The view from the Chapel

Stopping for a chat in the rain.
Stopping for a chat in the rain

Oh, just so you know, we have finished writing up the Africa trip. It has been spell and grammar checked and in the coming weeks I’ll be creating a couple of pages on the website so the trip has a permanent location. We’ve given a bound copy of the first half of the trip to Jeremy and co (Africa in Focus) to use on their stand at the various travel shows and we’ll being doing the same for the second half as well. Once it’s all done we’ll make a few copies and send them to those who want them. This is all being delayed as I’ve starting looking into redesigning the website a little bit to make it easier for me to upload text and photos and this will also mean changing the site template into something a little less ‘busy’ on the eye. I also need to find a replacement piece of software to run the guestbook, it has been getting full of rubbish entries and takes to much of my time to clean up each day so you’ll notice it’s currently unavailable.

Travel wise the current year is looking fairly quiet. We have a few weeks away in August/September to travel to NZ for Bridget’s and Dean’s wedding and we are planning on spending a few days in Brisbane as well to catch up with Paul and Jen. Other than that it looks like it will only be UK travel as we sort out British passports and try to save some money. We may go for a short break at Christmas to somewhere like Budapest but it’s all speculation at the moment. There are people coming over this side of the world either visiting or living for a while, Heidi is here in late April and there are a few family members who may be coming over this side of the world as well.

This blog will probably stay quiet for a few weeks yet while I sort everything out. I will endeavour to get our Africa trip up first, maybe to test the new layout, so keep an eye on the blog and there will be new stuff soon.

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