Snow dominates the headlines

At least on this blog snow is big news. This morning we have had the heaviest snow so far in London this year. Compared to the snowfall in Kent over the last week the snow we had this morning is next to nothing but it has settled somewhat and everything has that white look to it.

In other news we’ve had continuing water problems at home over the last few weeks. We’ve had a leaking toilet cistern causing a small flooding of the downstairs bathroom, a leaky boiler causing a small waterfall in the upstairs second bedroom and now an almost complete lack of hot water – great when the temperatures are getting down to -3 at night. Hopefully it’s all getting sorted today by the estate agents management company, only time will tell.

Once more, it's snowing over St Paul's.
Once more, it’s snowing over St Paul’s.

Not much tennis taking place this morning in the Barbican.
Not much tennis taking place this morning in the Barbican.

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