What The Night Is For

We went to a play in the west end last night, ‘What the night is for’ starring Gillian Anderson and Roger Allam. I really enjoyed it. We got top price tickets for £15 each, which is less than half the normal price. The tickets were going cheap because the play is ending this coming weekend and they wanted to sell off unsold seats – the play hasn’t been doing too well, it was savaged by a number of critics when it opened.

The play is about two people who had an affair 11 years ago. They meet up again, apparently by chance events, and have dinner in a hotel room. Throughout the two hours they talk and go through how they feel about each other and themselves, what their relationship means to each other and their families (they’re both married with children) and figuring out what they really want their lives to be, as against the lives they are living now. It was a thought-provocing, funny, sad and very surprising experinece – I’d recommend it if the play ever turns up near you.

If you wanted to know more you could always look at the website while it still exists: http://www.thenight.info.

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