Choosing a venue

The two sites we’re down to are Ross Priory, on the southern shore of Loch Lomond (North of Glasgow), and Dirleton Castle, east of Edinburgh near the coast. Both are lovely places, Dirleton being a ruin set in large grounds and part of a quiet village. Ross Priory is more of a house, again on expansive grounds and with a walled garden reached through a small forest at the rear of the building. Ross Priory also has lovely views out over Loch Lomond.

In terms of photography we’re choosing between Gordon McGowan and John Hendry Photography. We’ll make a final decision in the next couple of days hopefully. It’s coming down to fine details now, we’re happy with both photographers and both venues, it’s down to which we like more, will fit in better, is easier to organise around etc. The site we choose will also decide the wedding co-ordinator we use, which simplifies matters somewhat as well.

In unrelated news I received my first Bunny from the Bunny Club today, I’ll post a picture later.

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