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Coming home today on the tube I saw the cutest thing. Sitting opposite me was a man with his two young daughters. The younger of the two, maybe three or four years old, was asleep in his lap. The older, maybe seven or eight, was asleep in the next seat to his left, lying against her father and his jacket. The older daughter has sleeping mostly upright, her head leaning towards her dad at an almost 90 degree angle to her body. Both daughters were in very deep sleep, nothing was going to wake these two up.

The father started trying to wake the older daughter up at the Tufnell Park station, which was three stops before they were due to get off the train. He had no luck for the whole time travelling to the next stop, Archway, where he finally got her to react to his gentle prodding and soft words. As he was trying to wake her he kept looking up at the amused passengers watching on and he mentioned that the deep sleep was due to jet lag. After she stretched and moved around a bit she woke up enough to look at her father, mumble a few words and then fall straight back to sleep as she turned around to get comfortable. The next few minutes were taken up with dad trying to keep the daughter awake, generally involving he getting her to move, open her eyes and ask for her to try and stay awake. She would wave him off, say she wasn’t going to fall asleep and promptly then curl up and be asleep again.

I’m fairly sure she didn’t have any idea what was going on, if she had she would have been getting annoyed. Instead, it was like a goldfish going around and around, not remembering anything past a few seconds. All very funny.

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