Kiwi Night at LST

It’s kiwi night tomorrow night at LSTrillium. Basically all the kiwi’s in the company (who are based at 140 London Wall) go out together to a pub somewhere. This time we’re going to the Old Bell, more info can be found here. Last friday we went out for dinner with Jim and Gee to a Japanese noodle bar near Tottenham Court Road. It was a nice place (turns out they’re a chain) and it makes a difference to the usual bars and restaurants – I’ll post their website when I remember what the place is called. Didn’t do a lot on the weekend – Keryn went shopping (for the second weekend running) at the Lakeside shopping mall with Karyn. This week she tryed on a number of wedding dresses and is getting closer to deciding on a style now. Other than that things are pretty quiet here, its just working and relaxing at home.

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