Fours years later

Last night we did manage to see Robin Hobb and have her sign her latest book ‘Shaman’s Crossing’ (which for the record I am underwhelmed by). Robin was friendly enough though not as chatty as Terry Brooks earlier in the day. Robin Hobb at Forbidden Planet We were third in line so were out quite […]

Is Summer actually coming?

Yesterday I played Cricket for the LST team again. The last time I played was when I dislocated my finger and it was at the same ground in Herne Hill against the same team. I’m happy to report that I sustained no injuries other than a few small bruises this time. I also managed to […]

Snow dominates the headlines

At least on this blog snow is big news. This morning we have had the heaviest snow so far in London this year. Compared to the snowfall in Kent over the last week the snow we had this morning is next to nothing but it has settled somewhat and everything has that white look to […]

St Pauls again

Here is another photo of St Pauls in the snow (not as much as last time I posted a photo which was a couple of years ago now in January 2003, you can see that photo by clicking here). The snow we’ve had is nothing compared to what we saw in Stockholm and Scotland over […]


Some photos from this morning. Looking towards the sunrise St Pauls (under repair) in the morning glow One London Wall makes a nice pattern More from One London Wall

St Pauls seasons

St. Pauls from work through the seasons: winter, autumn, spring. Through the seasons

Looking out from work

Another old shot, the familar view from the 15th floor out over St. Pauls. St. Pauls

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