Is Summer actually coming?

Yesterday I played Cricket for the LST team again. The last time I played was when I dislocated my finger and it was at the same ground in Herne Hill against the same team. I’m happy to report that I sustained no injuries other than a few small bruises this time. I also managed to score three runs, which is an event for me, I’m not much of a cricketer.

Phil and Ollie coming in at the end of our innings.
Phil and Ollie coming in at the end of our innings.

I think it’s fair to say we were rubbish, all out for 54. It was a nice enough looking evening but there was a chilled breeze blowing through and the temperature was probably around 12 degrees which made for a cold time out in the field, whether batting or bowling. At least I enjoyed myself.

Today Keryn and I went out and got lunch, as we normally do when Keryn isn’t going to the Gym. We headed down to Cheapside and over near Bow Lane where a Subway store opened about a month ago. I’m a big fan of Subway, especially the Meatball sub. Keryn isn’t so keen so she got lunch at a place opposite Subway, Italian Chicken and Cheese I believe. Afterwards I took us a less direct route back to work, looking for photo opportunities in the fleeting sunlight.

St Pauls in the spring lunchtime sun.
St Pauls in the spring lunchtime sun.

Once again today is cold, a bit warmer than yesterday evening but there is still a cold breeze blowing through. At least today when out of the wind and in the sun there is some heat to be had. There is talk in the papers of a heatwave this summer. The doubters ask how a heatwave can be predicted when the forecasters can’t even get the next days weather right. It’s easy to see why the English are known for complaining about the weather.

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One thought on “Is Summer actually coming?

  1. What, the English are known for complaining about something??? I can’t say that I had heard that before!!

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