Andorra: Day 6 – Andorra la Vella

Bernie and I were a bit more organised this morning and caught the bus on time. We met a few English people on the bus, and decided that we would all met early for the return bus, so that if we missed it we could chip in together for a Taxi. It’s funny how being on crutches and in a knee brace is a conversation piece. Bernie and I slowly wandered the streets of Andorra la Vella; the shopping was better than Pas de la Casa understandably since it is the capital. We met up with the English people at the bus stop, and when the bus finally arrived they were all really good to me and allowed me to get on the bus first so I could get a comfortable seat (when your knee is in a metal brace and you cannot bend it at all, travelling becomes a little difficult). We arrived home OK just after 6pm.

The rest of the group was snowboarding or wandering around Pas de la Casa. The three guys were getting a lot better at travelling without falling, even venturing up to the top lift on the slope and tackling some harder runs.

That night we had organised and paid to go to a Disco evening, but due to my exhausting day and knee I decided not to go and Brendon decided to keep me company. Karyn and Brian were tired, so also decided not to go. Maree, Scott and Bernie were our representatives and had a good time.

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