Andorra: Day 8 – Heading Home

Up early again to pack and clean before catching the bus at 9am. I headed off early with Bernie as the 5-minute walk has now become a 20-minute walk for myself, plus I needed to be early to guarantee getting the back seat on the bus. The trip back to the airport was uneventful; we […]

Andorra: Day 7 – Shopping

Today was the planned day to go to Andorra la Vella, everyone (with the exception of Bernie and I) headed off early to catch the bus. Due to my condition I needed to get up with everyone else, so that Brendon could help me dress and put my shoes on, otherwise I would have been […]

Andorra: Day 6 – Andorra la Vella

Bernie and I were a bit more organised this morning and caught the bus on time. We met a few English people on the bus, and decided that we would all met early for the return bus, so that if we missed it we could chip in together for a Taxi. It’s funny how being […]

Andorra: Day 5 – More snowboarding, for some

The boys eagerly went up the slopes, to get more practice, Karyn and Maree just went to watch and take photos. Bernie and I intended on going to Andorra la Vella (the capital of Andorra), but missed the bus. We ended up wandering around Pas de la Casa, and then finding a Pizzeria for some […]

Andorra: Day 3 – White Christmas

We opened the prezzies in the morning. We then all dressed warmly in our wet weather gear then headed off to play in the snow; several snow angels, snowball fights, 1 or 2 people getting stuck in the snow. Karyn and I made a snowman, while Brian wrote his name in the snow repeatedly (not […]

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