Clean out

As previously mentioned Steve is now engaged to Wendy. This means Steve has to put an end to his bachelor lifestyle and tidy up at home so we volunteered to help Kathy and Sharon with a Sunday clean out of Steve’s boxed stuff. So Sunday just gone was spent at Steve’s place helping him sort […]

They rang last week

And the photo looks better in the paper. Ben called me and asked me a few questions which resulted in this article which appeared in the Brentwood Gazette this week: Eye for a Photo, The Brentwood Gazette. Just in case anyone thinks I’m obsessing it’s more that we haven’t really done a lot recently so […]

A fox and friends

We’ve had a sociable few days. On Friday night we trekked back up to Muswell Hill and had dinner with Kristy. We ate at Bakko which was our favourite restaurant in Muswell Hill when we lived there and I’m happy to say it is still excellent. We ate our meals and chatted about all sorts […]


In the afternoon I made my way to East Putney and the Chakalaka resturant for an Africa in Focus reunion. Twelve of us made it and spent a number of hours talking about the last year while eating and drinking African food. I left after only an hour to travel out to Heathrow to meet […]

About Friends

Today I’m going to post about a few friends and their sites. Kathy and Sharon are currently travelling the world and they have a travel website detailing their adventures at Their travels make our little trips seem insignificant by comparison. A sunset cruise photo from Cape Town with Will, Maria, Kathy, Sharon, Keryn and […]

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