Happy in the pool

Swimming lessons

We’ve been taking Alayna to swimming lessons at the Tawa School pool with Easyswim. At the moment the sessions are all about getting Alayna comfortable with being in the water and beginning to teach her a few ideas like kicking legs and moving arms through the water. Its been going well and Alayna has enjoyed every session so far. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if she is enjoying being in the water or having more fun with the toys provided but either way she’s happy so we’re happy.

For instance today there was a large yellow ducky at the side of the pool. Alayna spent a lot of time watching the duck (and Keryn who was seated nearby). The duck became a reward for completing tasks like collecting all the other toys in the pool and finishing the lesson.

The Big Duck
The big duck

Today was also the first time Alayna went underwater completely and she was unfazed and also happily kept her mouth closed and eyes shut at the right time. Hopefully Alayna stays happy in the pool and takes to swimming with the ease she has taken to being in the water.

Underwater experience
Underwater experience
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