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Lux Festival 2014

It’s Lux Festival time again in Wellington. This year the festival was bigger with more installations and running over a longer period and unlike last year there wasn’t a big storm coming through on opening night. Keryn was meeting a few people from work for drinks so I headed into the city after work and caught up with Keryn and a few familiar faces at the University. Alayna was very well behaved, entertaining everyone with her smiles and calm demeanour (they should have seen her later on when we were trying to get her into her car seat ;).

Heading into the city we found parking, moved Alayna to her pram and walked out into the night. A few of the installations seemed to have some teething troubles which was a pity but there was still lots of interesting sights. The best ones encouraged interaction and being a friday night and early in the evening there were a lot of kids out. The boing boing gloop machine had a crowd of children surrounding it bashing away as the lights flashed and the surface moved around. Nearby screaming rapture had another crowd lined up in front and every now and then we could hear loud shouting which caused a huge glow to envelope those watching.

Square Things
Square Things by Johann Nortje
Bridge of Light
Bridge of Light by Angus Muir Design
Potion Forest
Potion Forest by Haylee Drummond, Scott Fortune, Krissi Smith and Alena Woo
Boing Boing Gloop
Boing Boing Gloop by Jon Baxter
Kraken by Antony Nevin
Merchants of Play
Merchants of Play by George Wallis, Libby Donovan and Jeremy Evison

With a week left to run I think I’ll be going back again, maybe a couple of times. Its fun to see all the installations and try and find new ways of photographing them and also to try and get shots of passers by interacting as well.

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