The 1st Birthday Party

Alayna is one in a couple of days and today we held a small birthday party. We had family and a few friends around to celebrate. Alayna had a wonderful day full of play, presents and happy interaction with lots of people. I’m pretty sure that Alayna won’t need any new toys for a few years now and she seems very happy with her new playthings. There were also a few lovely pieces of clothing, some books and we must not forget all the lovely packaging, wrapping paper and ribbons which provided Alayna with further entertainment.

1st Birthday Cake
1st Birthday Cake

The cats spent most of the time sleeping (as they do most days) but came out a few times on the lookout for any food that might be on offer. Earl was especially friendly and managed to photobomb some photos.

Earl photobomb
Earl photobomb

Its been a great year so far and Alayna has been a joyful addition to our family. We’re still learning from our little girl and it seems she is learning from us as well. One year nearly done and we’re looking forward to many more years of discovery and new experiences.

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