Mum’s birthday and driving north

Our final day in Timaru and the main reason we’d come down, Mum’s birthday. The morning was spent preparing food and getting everything ready for brunch as a bevy of family arrived. There were copious pancakes and croissants, fruit and Christmas mince pies. And then it was time for a birthday cake to be presented. […]

The 1st Birthday Party

Alayna is one in a couple of days and today we held a small birthday party. We had family and a few friends around to celebrate. Alayna had a wonderful day full of play, presents and happy interaction with lots of people. I’m pretty sure that Alayna won’t need any new toys for a few […]

Happy 78th Birthday

Today is my fathers birthday, a sprightly 78 years old. We went out for dinner to Black Olive in Petone (wonderful Turkish food, brought back great memories of dinning at Bakko in Muswell Hill) followed by a walk along the pier on the Petone foreshore. Photo by Brendon & Keryn Walking out. Photo by Brendon […]

Castlepoint photography weekend

In a rather strange decision we spent Keryn’s birthday weekend at Castlepoint. It was strange because Keryn made the choice (I wasn’t complaining) to take part in a Wellington Photography Meetup Group overnight photography trip, so we’d be spending the weekend with a bunch of people we hadn’t met previously. Keryn did point out that […]

Thirty Six

My birth day was an event filled day. After opening a few presents we drove to Petone and spent a short time wandering the Petone Fair stalls we caught up with Sam and Jules and their friend Emma over a drink. From Petone it was north to Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt to watch some […]

Happy Birthday Keira

My niece Keira is 4 today, happy birthday! Keira, lover of all things pink, casting a pinkness spell to make the world into her pink domain 🙂

Day 83 : Huacachina to Nazca

The drive today was short, a mere three hours inland to Nazca. The landscape was desert all the way though the large sand dunes slowly disappeared to give us a more arid and flat landscape of white sands and dust. There was the odd area of green, irrigation providing farming opportunities. Before reaching Nazca we […]

Day 26 : Travel to Antiqua (Keryn’s Birthday)

A long driving day became slightly less painful by the generosity of the bus company. First up was a five hour drive in a slightly old but comfortable bus. One stop was had at a roadside cafe, otherwise the drive nice and easy. Reaching the hive of activity that was Guatemala City we got off […]

Day 17 : Playa del Carmen

The mornings just seemed to be getting earlier and earlier. We had to be over at the Blue Angel dive shop on Cozumel so Keryn could do a refresher dive at 8am. Unfortunately there was no 7am ferry so we had to get the 6am departure so we were walking down from the hotel around […]

Keryn’s Birthday

It’s Keryn’s birthday today, so we’re going out for dinner somewhere tonight. Other than that there’s not much to say. We went and saw the Thames Barrier close on Sunday morning, which wasn’t that exciting really, but it was interesting. We’ll have photos of it in the next year or so I guess (i’ve given […]

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