9 months, part 2

Continuing the 9 months theme here are a couple more photos taken this month. First up is a shot from another weekend visit to Zealandia. Again we’d walked the Round the Lake track and much like last time saw lots of birdlife even with Alayna loudly burbling away most of the time. There were a few more people on the track this time around and Alayna got some nice compliments as she batted her eyelashes at everyone. We sat down on a bench about three quarters of the way around and got a few photos of a still happy little girl. Alayna seems to enjoy looking at cameras at the moment and gives nice big smiles with minimal encouragement. Our daughter may also be teething some more as she often sticks her tongue out the corner of her mouth, or maybe that’s just a Doran family trait she’s already picked up.

Alayna and Keryn taking a rest at Zealandia
Alayna and Keryn taking a rest at Zealandia

Secondly a companion piece to the pregnancy progression photos we put together before Alayna arrived. Taken at 9 months and 10 days old this the exact mirror of the length of Keryn’s pregnancy. Alayna certainly seemed to enjoy the photoshoot as you can see.

Alayna and Keryn at 9 months & 10 days
Alayna and Keryn at 9 months & 10 days

One day I’ll find the time, space and money to set up a small studio but for now our hallway will have to do.

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