Have you seen Lord of the Rings?

Just walking into a movie theatre in Milton Keynes we came across these fine people, there’s me, Andy Serkis (Gollum), Billy Boyd (Pippin), Keryn, Bruce Hopkins (Gamling) and Sala Baker (Sauron)

What The Night Is For

We went to a play in the west end last night, ‘What the night is for’ starring Gillian Anderson and Roger Allam. I really enjoyed it. We got top price tickets for £15 each, which is less than half the normal price. The tickets were going cheap because the play is ending this coming weekend […]

Lion King

We went and saw ‘The Lion King’ stage show on friday night. It was…ok, for me anyway. I just got annoyed by a few things and couldn’t really enjoy it. I had a few drinks with Ben on Thursday evening, we hadn’t seen each other in a few months so it was good to catch […]

Raymond E. Feist

Hello again. It’s a fine day in London. I think things will be quiet today as everyone remembers what happened this time last year. It still seems surreal to me, I remember watching events unfolding on the TV in the room behind me at work, watching that second plane hit the tower, unbelievable. On lighter […]


So, last night we went to a concert at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. The sonic blast was provided by Garbage with support from Queen Adreena. We got there a little early to find the doors already open, which made a nice change from shuffling along in a line for half an hour or more. […]

Maybe next time

I got to Tottenham Court Road and walked down towards Forbidden Planet at around 4pm, the signing was meant to start at 5pm. A while back I went to a Terry Pratchett signing at Forbidden Planet and ended up in a line for two hours. The line when I got there yesterday was about three […]

Summer Solstice Fireworks

In our previous post we forgot to mention that we got to see a really cool fireworks display at Victoria Park celebrating the summer solstice. The fireworks were amazing and were set to music. First theme was the drums, which had fire spurts in time to the beat, second theme was the saxophone where there […]

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