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Photo5 2010: Smoke

It’s Photo5 time again and I’ve started taking photos. The categories this year seem to favour the macro photographer, we have the following: Close-up (using an eye dropper, so things like water drops); Portraiture (using bubblegum, I’ve never been able to blow bubblegum); Black and White (using the smoke from burning incense) ; Motion (using confetti, anyone know where to buy paper confetti in Wellington?); Inspired by sound (the sound is like something falling).

Today I bought some incense from Trade Aid in Petone (and then promptly found much cheaper incense at the cheap nick-knack store across the road, but buying from Trade Aid is probably better for my karma) and failed to find any confetti.

So This afternoon has been an introduction to photographing smoke, following the guide I found at Paxton Prints. I actually seems to be quite easy, I guess the hard part is making an image that is going to be more impressive than anyone else’s. Here are my favourites so far, in colour as I think they look better than the black & white versions (though they’ll have to be converted for entry).

MG 3789-2Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Smoke shot I (note to Keryn, no spoons were harmed/stained in the making of this photo)

MG 3804-2Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Smoke shot II (ditto the note above)
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