Smoke continued

Right, a couple more photos taken after dinner: Photo by Brendon & Keryn Front on with a different spoon Photo by Brendon & Keryn Who knew spoons could be so interesting And this is what it looks like in the makeshift home studio, also known as the dining room: Photo by Brendon & Keryn One […]

Photo5 2010: Smoke

It’s Photo5 time again and I’ve started taking photos. The categories this year seem to favour the macro photographer, we have the following: Close-up (using an eye dropper, so things like water drops); Portraiture (using bubblegum, I’ve never been able to blow bubblegum); Black and White (using the smoke from burning incense) ; Motion (using […]


On Thursday I visited Zealandia to meet Al Dicks the marketing manager. My Uncle Steve had suggested to Al that I might be able to help out with some of the IT stuff required to market Zealandia, specifically help with editing and uploading videos to their YouTube channel. Al is a busy man and in […]


We went into town today on an unsuccessful mission to find Keryn some new shoes. On the way out we spotted a couple of kite surfing kites appearing over the trees that line the channel into the Porirua lagoon. Coming back from town the kite surfers had gone but there were a half dozen or […]


Last night we attended the 2010 Acoustic Church Tour in Wellington. This year Dave Dobbyn headlined with support from Christchurch band Dukes. As last year we were joined by Lydia and Will and had a good night, starting with getting a park right out front of the venue and taking in a last minute dinner […]

7 Years

Photo by Brendon & Keryn Ross Priory, our Wedding Seven years ago today Keryn and I got married on the shores of Loch Lomond at Ross Priory. We’re older, certainly well travelled and still happy, and lucky for us the cats have got over not being invited to the Wedding. Happy anniversary to us! Photo […]


Spring is in the air, there is lots or rain and wind about. Photography has taken a back seat recently, coinciding with one of my lenses being sent up to Auckland for repair after the auto focus motor failed. It was an expensive fix, but much cheaper than buying a new lens. Naturally, back seat […]

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