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Last night we attended the 2010 Acoustic Church Tour in Wellington. This year Dave Dobbyn headlined with support from Christchurch band Dukes. As last year we were joined by Lydia and Will and had a good night, starting with getting a park right out front of the venue and taking in a last minute dinner venue change which saw us back at the Buenos Aires Tango Bistro for lovely empanadas.

Unlike last year there was quite the queue by the time we arrived back at the church. We ended up sitting upstairs at the back which was fine, a mostly clear view and good acoustics made for an enjoyable concert. I got up for the last song and took a few photos, leaning in a back corner so as not to disturb anyone.

MG 2841Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Dave Dobbyn playing at St Johns in the City
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