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The sun came out

Summer decided to come out from hiding for another day which thankfully coincided with one of my days off. After lunch with Keryn I headed to Karori and spent a few hours walking around Zealandia. I saw my first Zealandia saddleback which was nice, such a striking bird. I also saw five different tuatara and one in particular was posing nicely, so a few photos were taken.

IMG 7402Photo by Brendon & Keryn

Red Yellow Blue

I walked to a few places I hadn’t been before (the discovery area and tower was very nice), I sat down in a few places and just looked and listened, and I had a good time. I’ll have to go back over the next few weeks, especially if I’ve got a new camera.

Ah yes, my camera. It has been to the Canon service workshop and has been declared “uneconomical to repair”. The insurance company is still sorting out details, but it looks like I’ll be getting a new camera in the next few weeks (preferably next week on my part, I’d like a bit of solid practice before the upcoming wedding at the end of the month).

Oh, and in a sort of New Years resolution kinda thing I’ve (we’ve) been getting birthday presents for immediate family. This is causing seismic waves, what with it being years since this was last done on a regular basis. The latest card and gift was sent this morning.

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