A photowalk and Bird of the Year

With longer days and the promise of warmer weather we’ve been getting out and about making the most of the opportunities outdoors. Earlier this month was the latest Scott Kelby worldwide photowalk and the Wellington event took place in Petone. This was the first time Keryn and Alayna have joined in and we set off […]

Alayna visits Wellington Zoo

Last week Alayna had a couple of days at home as she wasn’t really well enough for daycare. We both looked after her for a day and on my sick day we went to the zoo. This wasn’t perhaps the most obvious choice as it was a cold and wet winter’s day but I had […]

Miniature Huts – Part three

A beautiful and breezy Wellington Anniversary summers day was the chosen time for us to complete our Miniature Hut collection. We had so far found five and only had two to go. First up was the DOC Hut located on Matiu/Somes Island and that meant a ferry ride. We met up with Pauline in Petone […]

The last weekday off shift

I start a new role at work today (don’t worry, this was written a few days ago, I am working) and am no longer working shifts, moving back to the good old 9-5 working week. Before I was part of the shift team performing a support role for a number of contracts held by HP. […]

The Tuatara nursery opening at Zealandia

Zealandia was unveiling some new Tuatara nurseries on the 6th November with the introduction of a number of juveniles that had been raised at Victoria University. I had been asked if I would take some photos of the release and was more than happy to oblige. Keryn and I were at the visitor centre for […]

The Union Mine track

On a hot afternoon a few days back I went in search of wildlife at Zealandia. Each visit I tend to make up the route I walk, tending to target areas where I’ve seen interesting animals in the past. Recently this has meant walking the path linking the Union Mine track and the Beech track […]

Back following birds

The weather has been very nice for a few days now and on Monday I spent a few hours back at Zealandia taking photos and enjoying the walk through the forest. The usual suspects were seen and photographed, here are a few photos. Photo by Brendon & Keryn A saddleback having just found a tasty […]

Once more to Zealandia

I’ve got my replacement camera via insurance and Noel Leeming so decided to head out and try it out. I headed to Zealandia and wandered around for a good three hours, taking a few tracks I hadn’t been on before and naturally taking lots of photos. New for me this time were saddleback on the […]

The sun came out

Summer decided to come out from hiding for another day which thankfully coincided with one of my days off. After lunch with Keryn I headed to Karori and spent a few hours walking around Zealandia. I saw my first Zealandia saddleback which was nice, such a striking bird. I also saw five different tuatara and […]

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