Back following birds

The weather has been very nice for a few days now and on Monday I spent a few hours back at Zealandia taking photos and enjoying the walk through the forest. The usual suspects were seen and photographed, here are a few photos. Photo by Brendon & Keryn A saddleback having just found a tasty […]

Once more to Zealandia

I’ve got my replacement camera via insurance and Noel Leeming so decided to head out and try it out. I headed to Zealandia and wandered around for a good three hours, taking a few tracks I hadn’t been on before and naturally taking lots of photos. New for me this time were saddleback on the […]


Good recent weather has combined with some days off work, so I’ve been out a about a little bit. I went to the Otari-Wilton’s Bush and walked for three hours, having the tracks mostly too myself on a Tuesday morning. It was nice just walking in forest without people, and I got to see a […]

The sun came out

Summer decided to come out from hiding for another day which thankfully coincided with one of my days off. After lunch with Keryn I headed to Karori and spent a few hours walking around Zealandia. I saw my first Zealandia saddleback which was nice, such a striking bird. I also saw five different tuatara and […]

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