A busy time

This week we’ve been up to a few different things. On Sunday we met up with a friend from work and did some photography tutoring while walking the Thames South Bank. That evening Keryn and I attended a concert and Cara Dillon was amazing, better than the previous few times we’ve seen her. There are a couple of photos in the Gallery.

I had football on Tuesday night at a new 5-a-side centre that has opened up near Liverpool St. I’ve got to try organising a few more games now as everyone who came down enjoyed themselves. I’ve been on a course all week as well and it’s been good so far, I’m learning things so that’s a positive thing.

Last week we met up with a number of people who were with us for our Africa journey. It was nice to sit down and have a few drinks while going over what we’d all been up to and also recalling the trip. Helen is actually off to Ghana for a few months to do volunteer work as a teacher so that should be exciting, interesting and scary all in one go.

Back to this week we went to another concert last night and saw Bic Runga and friends performing at the Bush Hall. It was a good concert spoiled just a little by the constant chatter coming from the back of the room. Again there are photos in the gallery but here’s one for you to look at now.

Bic Runga in concert at the Bush Hall.

Bic Runga in concert at the Bush Hall

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