A busy time

This week we’ve been up to a few different things. On Sunday we met up with a friend from work and did some photography tutoring while walking the Thames South Bank. That evening Keryn and I attended a concert and Cara Dillon was amazing, better than the previous few times we’ve seen her. There are […]

Elephant in the rain

Undeterred by a bad weather forecast we headed into London yesterday and spent a good six hours wandering streets trying to second-guess where the Elephant and Girl would be going and also where we could find a way through the crowds of people. I’ll have more photos up tonight, for now just the one of […]


More photos of the Sultan’s Elephant activities from today can be found in the Gallery, click on the image below to see more. Ollie and I went down to the Horse Guards Square and watched as the Elephant moved around entertaining the growing crowd. We then walked up to Waterloo Place to see the open […]

The Sultans Elephant

Over the next few days in London there will be a rather strange visitor walking the streets of Westminster. The Sultans Elephant is street performance on a grand scale, you can read more about what’s happening here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/content/articles/2006/05/03/sultans_elephant_qanda_feature.shtml. Today a strange rocket has been found crashed into the street of Waterloo Place. I went along […]

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