Night Safari

October 16th – Day Twenty Two

The evening game drive was nice but we didn’t really see anything exciting. Keryn and I were with Jacques, Helen and Ann in a vehicle with a different driver to those we had travelled with in the morning and while we was very considerate and told us a lot of things we didn’t see any animals before sunset that we hadn’t seen before. The drive took us through the park again and we met up with the other jeep just as the sun was setting for some drinks and nibbles. While we refreshed ourselves the driver and spotter connected the spotlight for the second half of the evening, the night drive. As mentioned we were hoping to see a leopard but the odds were stacked against us as it was a full moon and leopards being shy animals are less likely to be seen hunting with so much light around. The leopard did indeed prove to be elusive so we had to content ourselves with a servet (a nocturnal cat like animal that looks like a large racoon), an eagle owl and a large herd of water buffalo. Towards the end I was trying not to fall asleep and the drive back to camp seemed to take a long time for me. The other jeep hadn’t seen any really exciting animals either so we all ended up a little disappointed. Bed soon followed, another long day on the cards for tomorrow.

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