Just quickly

We’ve left Zambia and are now in Botswana staying in a campsite on the side of the Chobe river. Keryn went for a flight in a Tiger Moth the other day, a bunch of people (not us) from the truck went white water rafting and we managed to leave Zambia with no problems. We’ve been […]


October 26th – Day Thirty Two To facilitate our early arrival at the Chobe National Park in Botswana and more importantly an early berth on the ferry from Zambia we left very early this morning. There were more than a few people talking in overly loud voices or even singing at we took down our […]

Tiger Moth

October 25th – Day Thirty One Much like the previous day we had a lot of relaxation today, the poolside playing a large part. A number of people went into town in the morning but we stayed behind as Keryn had a bit of a dodgy belly and she needed to rest to make sure […]

White Water Rafting

October 24th – Day Thirty Truth be told there isn’t a lot to write about today. Most of our day was spent resting by the pool. The only worthwhile event that took place was the white water rafting undertaken by Rachel, Dave, Will and Maria. When they got back in the evening we watched a […]

Walking with Lions

October 23rd – Day Twenty Five Getting up at 4.30am is never easy but we managed it again and were at the truck shortly after 5am sorting out our gear for the day. Most people were heading over to Zimbabwe and the majority of those going were heading out to the Lion Encounter. A quick […]


October 22nd – Day Twenty Four Today is the free day on our trip, the day when Jacques, Joe and Charles clean out the truck and make ready for part two, as well as making sure we have enough stuff for the five new people joining us the following day. Because they are busy we […]

Canoing the Zambezi

October 21st – Day Twenty Three A group of us were today signed up for the Zambezi half day canoeing trip so we all met at the restaurant for breakfast at 8am. Once eaten it was into a van and down the road to the Waterfront’s sister lodge for the start of our river journey. […]

Victoria Falls

October 20th – Day Twenty Six A lovely sleep-in was followed by a good breakfast of pancakes and cereal. The mornings activity took us to Victoria Falls so once eaten we were soon again in the truck for the short drive to the falls. Tina had taken ill the previous evening and was visiting the […]

Quick update

Hello there. Thanks for all the emails to people on the trip with kind words about this site, it’s all much appreciated. We’re in Livingston at the moment and we’re got a week or so in one place so I’ll catch up with the text in a couple of days. Don’t expect too much from […]

Arriving in Livingstone

October 19th – Day Twenty Five Four subsequent early starts of before 5am takes the energy out of a person and we actually left the camp ten minutes later than the planned time of 6am. Helen and Stephen stayed behind, Helen staying to visit a school her parents had an association with and Stephen going […]


October 18th – Day Twenty Four Today is my sister Catherine’s birthday so I tried sending her a happy birthday text only to realise later in the day I had sent it to her home phone number rather than her mobile (which I don’t have). At least I tried. My cell phone is also now […]

More Safaris

October 17th – Day Twenty Three We woke early for the morning activities. A number of us were heading off for a early morning park walk and three people were going back into the park for another driving safari. Keryn, Maria and John were all set and ready when the vehicle arrived and soon departed. […]

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