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October 10th – Day Sixteen

We reach today, a truly uneventful day for me so far. I’ve been typing this up since 8.30am and it’s nearly 2.30pm now. Keryn has had a dive this morning and has another in a half hour, people have been swimming and sunbathing and generally relaxing. Jacques has been trying to get a ride to Mzuzu to have a tooth looked at, he had a filling replaced in Nairobi and it’s gone bad, either the dentist got too close to a nerve or didn’t seal the filling properly. It looks like his ride has fallen through so hopefully he’ll get it looked at and fixed tomorrow. We head further south tomorrow, the relaxing over for now. A few words before I stop, thanks for sticking with me:

Hi to Wendy from Steve and he also says to tell his parents he is OK and the swelling will go down soon. 🙂
Hello to anyone else who is reading this and has been referred by others, leave a comment if you want to know about anything in particular. Everyone is doing well and we all seem to be getting along OK, hopefully all is well with you all out there.

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