The day so far has been spent wandering the old city of Damascus. We’ve visited the Umayyad Mosque and walked the Hamideyeh Souk (market) as well as some general walking around the streets. We’re off to a hotel to relax by a pool later this afternoon, it gets really hot here. Yesterday was a long […]

Crossing over to Syria

Today we crossed over from Turkey into Syria and I am writing this in an Internet cafe in the city of Aleppo. We’ve just had dinner (which was filling and tasted great and cost about 2000 Syrian pounds for 9 people, that’s around $40 US including drinks, fantastic). Tomorrow morning there is a walking tour […]

Somewhere in Turkey

We’re currently in an Internet cafe in the town of Kas on the south coast of Turkey. We’re enjoying ourselves and have a good bunch of people to be travelling with. We’ve seen the sights of Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy and Ephesus so far and tomorrow get to relax on a boat cruising the Med in […]

We’ll be coming around the mountain

We’ll see you in three weeks, it’s off to Istanbul tomorrow for the start of a three week overland trip from the Turkish capital all the way down to Cairo in Egypt. Along the way we’ll be seeing the sights of Turkey, Syria and Jordan. If we find an Internet cafe along the way we’ll […]

Stockholm via Heathrow and Montreal

Patricia and Sam spent a few hours at Heathrow on Sunday morning and we did our best to meet them. Our best nearly wasn’t enough as train times meant we would be arriving an hour after their plane touched down. This was compounded by train delays for us and the plane arriving thirty minutes early. […]

Rosie at the Borderline

Rosie Thomas is a person that you can describe a thousand times and still never fully explain. The first time we saw her was as the support act for Jewel back in 2002. She was fantastic that night and I got to meet her and say hi while she signed her album for me. We […]

Brighton West Pier

We visited Karyn and Brian down in Hove last weekend. On the Monday we went for a walk along the beach from Hove to Brighton and I shot a roll of black and white film, taking shots that I thought illustrated what the beach down here at the south coast is like. This shot of […]

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