Old websites

Blast from the past time. Here’s one of my old websites, it’s got photos of an easter trip to Wellington with Steve and Chris, amongst other things. http://balder.prohosting.com/brendon/


We had a nice, relaxing weekend in Brighton (well, Hove really) with Karyn and Brian and now its back to work. We wandered around Brighton and Hove, had a look at the nearly totally destroyed old West Pier and took a day out to visit Arundel Castle. Don’t expect a write-up, that way you’ll be […]

Coming up

Not much going on at the moment, we’re just sorting out the odd wedding detail and looking forward to going to Brighton for Easter. We’re visiting Karyn and Brian and relaxing for a few days, hopefully in warm sunshine (it’s been a very mild Spring, apart from a brief cold spell last week that involved […]

Loch Lomond Accomodation

I’ve updated the Marriage Latest News page and have included a document that outlines accomodation options in the Loch Lomond area. It’s a 1mb pdf file, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat reader to view it (should be included with most PC’s/Macs these days).

There was a sub site once…

I have uploaded a small sub-site that contains photos from Steve and Christine’s wedding. You can (no longer) access it by clicking on the photo of Steve above.

Wedding photos

Posing for the official photos, a cheap hack like myself takes all the opportunity he can get Christine, posing alone

Wedding photo

Stephen and Christine having the first dance at the reception after having cut the cake

Flying visit

Ning relaxing in the early morning at the ruins of the Royal Temple of Wat Phrasrisanpeth Uncle Michael at the ruins of the Royal Temple of Wat Phrasrisanpeth Keryn and I atop an Elephant, half way through our 20 minute ride. The photo was taken by the guide, he did a funny little manoeuvre to […]

Back in London

Our first day back in London was really nice, blue skies, warm (ish) weather and no wind. I’m happy to say we’re back to overcast skies and chilly winds now. As is normal there are many photos which we need to organise and do something with, the only difference being that this time I had […]

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