Day 109 : Uyuni to Potosi

We left Uyuni in the morning, just before the barracks next to the Hotel came alive with marching soldiers. We drove for most of the day, arriving in the city of Potosi with only a short while to spare before we had to join a tour of the local co-operative mines. For the mine tour […]

Day 108 : Uyuni

The main reason to visit Uyuni is to take an excursion out onto the salt flats and this is what we did today. In two jeeps we were taken from the hotel and first to a few artisan shops where we could buy textiles and also salt carvings. There was one shop with some large […]

Day 107 : La Paz to Uyuni

Once we were away from La Paz and heading to Uyuni we started travelling on some pretty rough roads. The dirt roads were covered in layers of fine dust and the bumping and sliding causing a few people to feel unwell. I kept expecting us to come over a hill and see the vast salt […]

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