Day 91 : Cusco and the Sacred Valley

A bus arrived this morning to transport us through a tour of the Sacred Valley. Our first stop was the Inka site of Sacsayhuaman perched on a hill overlooking Cusco. Our guide Martine sat us down in the wide grassy space between two hill tops and explained about the supposed history of the site. The […]

Part III : Day 31 : Antiqua to Copán Ruinas

A 5am start for the new group heading across the border to Honduras and the town of Copán Ruinas. In addition to Pat and Miriam, Claire and Jenny, Matt, Angie, Keryn and myself we now have; Cecylia from Canada, Richard from England, Leah and Dylan from NZ, Peiter and Andreas from Sweden and Stephan from […]

Day 10 : Palenque

The Palenque reserve opens at 8am so Keryn and I were up early to try and get to the gates for this time. We walked out of El Panchán to the road and paid our reserve entry fee just as one of the public transport vans came past so we hoped in and were driven […]

The Scottish Highlands

We’ve been on holiday for a week up in the Scottish highlands. Over the week we have covered about 1200 miles and seen far too many things. Funnily enough given the terrible weather in England over the last week we had a lot of sun which was not what we expected. I’ll write some more […]

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