Day 70 : Cuenca

In the morning we were guided by Vanessa to a Panama hat factory. Panama hats are made in Ecuador, the name apparently comes from when the workers on the Panama Canal were all given the hats to wear as they worked and it has stuck ever since. We were shown the process of making the […]

Day 67 : Near Ban?s

Another day in paradise and today we went white water rafting. There were two rafts going down the Rio Pastaza and in our raft we had me, Keryn, Rhys, Vanessa and Danny. Danny and I were in the front. The other raft had Kerrie, Albert, Melissa and Sean. Much like our first rafting experience in […]

Day 64 : The Amazon Jungle

The morning boat trip took us to a local village. We waited on the shore while Fausto cleared our arrival and then walked through the plantations and gardens to reach some of the village buildings. We walked past a house and school to a field where locals were working clearing weeds from the crops of […]

Day 63 : The Amazon Jungle

The mornings activity saw us head upriver past the point where we had left the truck and onward to a curve in the river where we disembarked to start a nature walk in the jungle. Our guide was Fausto, a knowledgeable and friendly local man. For a few hours we slowly walked and every now […]

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