Order of the Boar – 2013 Grail of Chivalry

Every two years the Order of the Boar medieval re-enactment group holds the Grail of Chivalry jousting tournament at Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt. We attended a couple of years ago and returned this year for another visit. It was a hot day, much like the rest of summer recently, and a lot of the […]

Thirty Six

My birth day was an event filled day. After opening a few presents we drove to Petone and spent a short time wandering the Petone Fair stalls we caught up with Sam and Jules and their friend Emma over a drink. From Petone it was north to Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt to watch some […]

East Coast Holiday: Eastenders Backpackers

Up early we took a walk with the backpackers dog Tux to watch the sunrise. We walked down the road and headed uphill through a gate labelled with a sunrise sign, Tux leading the whole time. A farm track took us upwards until we came to a rise where we could see the ocean and […]

Day 44 : La Fortuna

Eight of us headed out this morning for the ride to Ca?o Negro, a nature reserve along the Rio Frio. Probably the best parts of the day were actually seen during the drive out to the reserve. First up we came to a point on the road where a number of tourist vans were parked […]

Day 12 : M?rida

Most of the group headed out this morning for a cenote visit. The Yucat?n Peninsula is pretty much devoid of rivers and streams. In Mayan times the only fresh water to be found was in the natural limestone reservoirs that occur in their thousands in the area, the cenote. We would be swimming in some […]

It’s quiet at work

So I’ll do something else for a while. Here are more photos from our trip down to the New Forest and Corfe Castle. Taken on a rainy morning. I stopped the car and took a few photos of this horse which was happily eating while the rain fell. A semi tame herd of deer makes […]

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