Not grown up yet

It’s been a busy week. On Tuesday I took part in what would have been called a working bee in NZ. A month or so back there was an advertisement on the company Intranet for volunteers to help out with clearing an area at a school with a view to building a new garden area. […]

Wednesday night with Garbage

Wednesday night was another concert, this time a special fan-club only concert for the band Garbage. We went with Paul and Jen, Ben and a bunch of other people from work. Being a fan-club concert there was a large contingent of die-hard fans and upon entering the venue (La Scala in Kings Cross) there was […]


So, last night we went to a concert at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. The sonic blast was provided by Garbage with support from Queen Adreena. We got there a little early to find the doors already open, which made a nice change from shuffling along in a line for half an hour or more. […]

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