Catching up on the recent past

I know I promise these things and never do them but times are a changing. I’ve updated all the galleries on this site (i.e. London Snow, Hemel Hempstead, Jim’s Wedding and Our Wedding) to the new style and have added two more of our past trips: Prague Venice


My brother has complained than Venice seems to be without colour. Hopefully the following will dispel such rumour. Detail from the end of a Gondola Lamps outside a resturant Another one of the masks found for sale all over Venice The Bridge of Sighs Click here for more information on the Bridge of Sighs. The […]

Easter in Venice

Our Easter in Venice was very relaxing, for once we took a holiday and didn’t spend most of it rushing around. We only had vague plans of what we were doing each day and enjoyed ourselves wandering the streets of Venice and visiting the outer islands such as Murano where the fabled Venitian glass is […]

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