Clandestine Castle building for a good cause

On Friday night we made our way to Lyall Bay for an Adventure Wellington organised event. The plan was to cover a large section of beach in sand castles. It was all in aid of the Child Cancer Foundation with sponsor Southern Cross donating $1 for each castle constructed. In the end there were over […]

The Scottish Highlands

We’ve been on holiday for a week up in the Scottish highlands. Over the week we have covered about 1200 miles and seen far too many things. Funnily enough given the terrible weather in England over the last week we had a lot of sun which was not what we expected. I’ll write some more […]


We spent the weekend in Wales, primarily to attend a friends wedding reception. Having not really explored Wales in the past we took the time to drive around a lot of the north and west of the country and saw many beautiful sights. Below are some tasters. A ruined castle found near the coast Fighting […]

It’s quiet at work

So I’ll do something else for a while. Here are more photos from our trip down to the New Forest and Corfe Castle. Taken on a rainy morning. I stopped the car and took a few photos of this horse which was happily eating while the rain fell. A semi tame herd of deer makes […]

The last weekend of summer?

Our trip last weekend was taken in the company of Paul and Jen. Paul works on the HelpDesk with me. We had picked up a hire car on Friday night and set off early on Saturday to go and pick Paul and Jen up from their flat in Notting Hill. After picking up our companions […]

Readers Day

You can find out more about Lulworth Castle here. There’ll be lots of photos up this week sometime. In the meantime here are a couple. Brendon at Lulworth Castle. Taken by Keryn while trialing the Canon EOS 1D camera Keryn at Lulworth Castle. Taken by Brendon while trialing the Canon G3 camera

Easter in East Anglia

The land of windmills and wetlands. We spent a long weekend with Karyn and Brian travelling around looking at castles, ruins, waterways and windmills. We got to see a real beach (sand and all!) and took many, many photos. We have started the write-up and we’ll have some of our photos and a link to […]

A trip West and South

Here’s an old one out of the archives, October 2001. Day One London, through Avebury to Bath – with Chalk Horse spotting on the way. Keryn at Avebury Bath cathedral Day Two Bath, Wells, Glastonbury through to Brighton. Roman Bath Well’s Cathedral Flying over Glastonbury Tor Keryn at Glastonbury Tor Day Three Brighton, the Long […]

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