10 Months

Winter continues and finally seems to have a little bite. Colder weather coincided with both Keryn and Alayna getting colds, nothing too bad but both have been run down and while they’re now on the mend there is a lingering cough so we’ve been limiting the outdoor time. Meanwhile Keryn has been continuing with the crafts and the latest output is a nifty jacket, just in time for the drop in temperature.

New jacket
New jacket

Alayna is now ten months old and the changes continue. She is now reaching up more often and can pull herself up onto her feet as long as she has something to lean on. We also now have clapping and pointing and Alayna will lift objects such as her water bottle above her head when we play up and down. Its wonderful to have more and more interaction.

Looking up
Looking up

The next big step for us all will be daycare for Alayna coupled with Keryn heading back to work. The daycare we’ve chosen is located on a farm and we hope Alayna enjoys her time there, we’ll find out soon enough.

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