A little snow, a lot of chaos

The following may take a while to load. There are no bigger versions of the photos, they’re blurry enough as it is (I had enough problems standing up, let alone be really steady in bad light to take photos). So, it snowed today. This wasn’t really a surprises, it had been forcast for the last […]

Our Itinerary

Our itinerary for March’s NZ trip: Sat 15 Mar London 21:05 -> Bangkok 15:30 (Flight TG917) Sun 16 Mar Bangkok 17:35 -> Auckland 12:00 (Flight TG991) Mon 17 Mar Arrive Auckland 12:00   Auckland -> Whangarei Tue 18 Mar Whangarei Wed 19 Mar Whangarei Thu 20 Mar Whangarei -> Hamilton (for Lunch) -> New Plymouth […]

Lion King

We went and saw ‘The Lion King’ stage show on friday night. It was…ok, for me anyway. I just got annoyed by a few things and couldn’t really enjoy it. I had a few drinks with Ben on Thursday evening, we hadn’t seen each other in a few months so it was good to catch […]

Family and Tori Amos

We’ve been busy over the last few days. I’ve had siblings ring me at work from Melbourne, I rang my Dad to say happy birthday, we’ve had Pauline ring after coming back from NZ last week and Keryn called Steve and Chris in Melbourne as well. We’ve spent a bit of time looking at Australian […]


The digital camera we now have is a Canon PowerShot S45. When I was looking up digital cameras I had the following requirements: Had to be small enough to carry around with me to concerts, on walking trips and to work. Had to have a decent resolution, 4 megapixel or better. – Pixel’s are the […]


I’ve updated the site to include a new title picture and also updated the menu to include the Hemel Hempstead visit + some pictures of London in the snow from last week. Bruge also now has a page, but it’s mainly just the images from below. I’ve also included links to all the pages at […]

BBC and the uncredited photo

Well, I know I’m slack but now its confirmed. I took a lot of photos at work on Wednesday while it was snowing and shared them out for people at work to have a look. Apparently quite a few people sent the photos home to parents and friends. It also looks like someone submitted one […]

Looks like snow

Winter has finally started properly, we had a lot of snow in London yesterday. I’ve got photos from work which I’ll attempt to remember to put up tonight.

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